Rogue Audio

American made. Pure high fidelity.


Phono Pre-Amps

Triton II solid state phono pre-amp $1295

Ares II Tube phono pre-amp $2295

Ares II Magnum tube phono pre-amp $2995


RP-1 $1795

RP-5 $3495

RP-7 $4995

RP-9 $7495


Headphone Amplifier

RH-5 $2495

RH-5 with phono option $2895



Strereo 100 $3695

M-180 Monoblocks (pair) $6495

M-180 Dark monoblocks (pair) $8495

Apollo Dark monoblocks (pair) $14995


Hybrid Tube/Digital Amplifiers

Sphinx integrated $1595

Sphinx integrated w/ remote $1695

Sphinx integrated w/metal remote $1795


Pharaoh II integrated $3995

Hydra power amplifier $2995

DragoN power amplifier $3995


Titan series

Atlas Magnum III power amplifier $2695

Cronus Magnum III integrated amplifier $3295

optional tube cage for Atlas/Cronus $150


prices subject to change



Rogue Audio has earned itself a very well deserved reputation for manufacturing very high quality tube-based gear at very affordable prices.

These things sound amazing, look amazing, and feel amazing. The build quality is supurb.

They have a nice line up of tube based hi-fi gear with some impressive hybrid tube/digital models being some of the most popular. All of their pieces are shining examples of quality American hi-fi engineering and reliability.

We welcome you to visit our showroom and audition these great American-made tube amps and pre-amps, with speakers from Magnepan, Revel, KEF, Klipsch Heritage, Focal, Dali and more.

Or, feel free to bring in your own speakers / equipment and see how they can sound with Rogue Audio.



Rogue products are proudly made by some great folks in Pennsylvania!

Visit the Rogue Audio website for more information


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