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Parasound Halo Integrated

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Why Parasound?

Audio equipment used by movie and recording studios has to reproduce sound flawlessly, day in and day out.

...thats why some of the biggest names in the music and movie industry rely on Parasound for their superior sound quality and robust design.

Reviews and Reputation

Parasound products are sold through Parasound qualified Audio Specialty retailers and custom installers who have the skills and expertise to recommend and setup the best Parasound gear for your system.

Northcoast Audio is proud to be an authorized Parasound Halo dealer.

The Parasound Halo line represents the best Parasound has to offer. The Halo's State of the art designs including those of audio legend John Curl have consistantly received more rave reviews than most any other audio line.

Audiophile Quality, Budget Price

In the high-end audio world, prices for premium designs can get out of hand rather quickly. We at Northcoast Audio chose Parasound for the exceptional sound quality they achieve at comparably reasonable prices.

Basically, you are getting what you pay for, with out all of that audio snobbery. Just good clean sound. No BS.

Robust, Well built amplifiers that simply sound great.

We like that.

The Pros choose Parasound. Come hear why.


On Display at Northcoast Audio

We currently demonstrate several pieces in the Halo line in both home theater and 2-channel stereo configurations connected to Magnepan, Revel, Focal, KEF R series, Technics, Dali, Dynaudio and more.

Hear Parasound with your speakers

Want to hear Parasound with your speakers? Call us to make an appointment and feel free to bring in your existing speakers to see the difference Parasound can make.

Halo Amplifiers

JC1+ $8999

JC5 $5995

A21+ $3499

A23+ $1699

A51 $4999

A52+ $2999

A31 $3499

HALO Integrated HINT 6 $2995

Halo Pre-Amps

JC2 BP $3999

P6 $1599

John Curl Phono Pre-Amp

JC3+ $2995

JC3 jr. $1495

Parasound New Classic Series

2250 v2 $1599

2125 v2 $899

275 v2 $749

200 Pre $999

200 Integrated $1299

RMK11 $50

RMK22 $55

RMK33 $60

Parasound Z Series Custom

Z Phono XRM $499

Zamp v.3 $449

Z pre3 $499

Z Dac v.2 $550

Zphono $229


ZM12 $2599

ZM 4 $1099

ZM 2 $549

ZM 250 $475

ZM 2350 $1399



prices current as of 12/6/21

all prices subject to change

contact Northcoast Audio for latest pricing

Buy with confidence

Northcoast Audio is an authorized dealer for all Parasound products, including the top of the line Halo series


From Parasound's website:

"Parasound products which are purchased from anyone other than an Authorized Parasound Dealer are expressly excluded from Parasound's warranties. Parasound's warranties, like our products, are exceptional. Don't make the mistake of buying from someone who has chosen not to meet our qualifications, and in doing so run the risk of being sold not only the wrong product, but one for which you have no warranty protection!"

Northcoast Audio is proud to be the Exclusive for northern California

Northcoast Audio is proud to be an authorized dealer for Parasound as well as some of the best in home audio speakers today, Including Danish made loudspeakers from Dali and Dynaudio, The famous KEF LS50 speakers from the UK, JL Audio home Subwoofers, The world renown American Made Magnepan Magneplanar speakers as well as local favorites JBL sysnthesis, Revel, PSB, Focal and more

Authorized Parasound dealer. Northcoast Audio is an Authorized Dealer for Parasound Halo products.

Located at 5th & C streets in Eureka, CA - Northcoast Audio invites you to come audition the best selection of speakers in Humboldt County & northern california

Northcoast Audio serves clients in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Northcoast Audio your local Parasound dealer located in Eureka, California

Buy local - support your local independent audio video specialist!

updated 12/6/21

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