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NAD Electronics


NAD Electronics

Performance • Value • Simplicity


NAD (New Acoustic Dimension) began in 1972 wIth a desire to cut-through the marketing hype that accompanies typical higher end audio.

NAD wanted to provide what your typical audio enthusiast really wanted, not what they were being sold.

NAD has always stood out amongst the typical audio gear out there with their simple and honest designs.

While a lot of mass market gear is hyped with huge numbers and claims, NAD is elegant in their reserved simplicity.

As an example an NAD amplifier that is conservatively rated at 50 watts per channel, in real world conditions often outperforms others rated at twice the power or more.

NAD calls their power ratings "Full Disclosure Power"

NAD is clean, honest audio gear.

On display at Northcoast Audio

NAD has a very comprehensive line of 2-channel and multi channel (home-theater) audio gear.

Northcoast Audio displays a full selection of 2-Channel stereo NAD models.

We sell all models of NAD gear and the models notated at left with a * are on working display in our showroom for you to audition. In addition we are happy to special order any product from the NAD Catalog



Northcoast Audio is the authorized NAD dealer for northern California

Stereo Pre-Amplifier

*C 165BEE

Power Amplifiers

*C 275BEE

Integrated Amplifier

*C 375DAC

*C 375BEE

*C 356DAC

*C 326BEE

*C 316BEE

Stereo Receiver

*C 725BEE

CD Players

*C 565BEE

*C 545BEE

*C 515BEE

Compact Music System

*C 715

Home Theater Receivers



T765 HD2

T 775 HD2


Multi Channel Amplifiers


Blu Ray Players

*T 567

Wireless DAC

*DAC 1

Phono Pre-Amps




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Northcoast Audio does not sell

Northcoast Audio is proud to be an authorized dealer for the best names in home audio speakers today, Including Danish made loudspeakers from Dali and Dynaudio, The famous KEF speakers from the UK, Velodyne Subwoofers, The world renown American made Magnepan Magneplanar speakers as well as local favorites Polk Audio and Boston Acoustics. We are proud to have the best selection of speakers in northhern California.

Northcoast Audio is an Authorized Dealer for the full line of NADelectronica

Located at 5th & C streets in Eureka, CA - Northcoast Audio invites you to come audition the best audio gear in Humboldt County

Northcoast Audio your local NAD dealer located in Eureka, California

We do not sell out of our local area unless you have visited our showroom. Buy local - support your local independent audio video specialist!

updated 4/27/12

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