My Magnepan 3.7i

Several years ago now, I was enjoying (and surviving) another year of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It's a massive event.

Most of the killer audio gear used to be demonstrated on the upper floors of the Venetian in hotel room suites. It was crowded, frantic, and impressive. Full of some really cool stuff, but sometimes overwhelming too.

Sure, the guys with 6’ diameter horns and speakers cabinets bigger than most commercial refrigerators were memorable... and fun to listen to. but after a while even huge audio fans like me can get jaded to all of this high end gear.

Yes, there were the incredible, ridiculously expensive one-off speakers costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insane designs, with some beautiful... and some times hideous cabinets. I got to hear plenty of speakers in the $50,000-$100,000+ range - some connected to solid state and tube amps bigger than (and certainly Wayyyy more expensive than) my car. Super cool stuff.

Other than the crowds and the endless wait for the elevators... it was a blast. I got to hear audio gear that I would otherwise never get to hear in real life. And Vegas is not real life.

And of course, as you would expect, most of these “Audiophile” speakers sounded great. A few not as much. But most all of them looked the part. They looked, well... “high-end” read: more expensive than any normal fella like me could ever hope to afford.

Finally I had some time to head over to the Flamingo Hotel, where the Audiophile world used to show off it’s wares at the now defunct “T.H.E. Show” that ran at the same time as CES.

It was geared specifically toward high end audio. Real tweaky stuff, really expensive stuff.

Some awesome. Some just plain silly. While I am a firm believer in quality cables, I have yet to be convinced than anyone should spend more than the price of a nice new car on a single pair of speaker wires.

Journalists, Audiophiles, enthusiasts and speaker fanatics like me were all over the place. But the one room that always seemed to have a crowd was a humble conference room with about 3 rows of chairs set up in it and a few potted plants.

The Magnepan display room.

Conference rooms at any hotel are not the best place in the world for acoustics and can be tough on speakers. But that didn’t matter. When I sat down, I heard magic.

Now, realize by now I had been listening to dozens and dozens of speakers that cost more than an exotic sports car So you have to imagine how amazing it was to hear the latest Maggies. These are speakers that cost well under $10,000 that can hang with the best. In fact, in so many ways they really outperform most all of them at a fraction of the price.

The 3.7 had a magical, open, natural sound that is hard to describe in words unless you work for an audio magazine. And I don’t. Nor will I try. There are already tons of great independent reviews that heap praise on the Maggies. So I’ll put it this way: most rooms at the show, I’d listen to one or two tracks. At the Magnepan room, I could have stayed all day... but probably would have been kicked out by the throngs of audio fans lined up that wanted to hear them too.

Even before all of the reviews and magazine articles came out, I knew the Maggies were going to be special. And ever since I open my audio shop, I wanted to have them on display in my showroom here in Humboldt County.

The bottom pic is the pair we got to hear.

I didn’t have much of a chance to talk to Magnepan guru (and patent holder) Wendell Diller that trip. He’s the marketing manager for Magnepan and was understandably quite busy showing off his new babies like a proud new father. Those that read the high end magazines like Absolute Sound and Stereophile will be familiar with Mr. Diller’s name. He’s been with the Minnesota company for decades, and is one of the most respected authorities on planar speakers. I don’t think you can read a stereo magazine without seeing his name somewhere.

When Arcata Audio (before Eureka Audio Video, before Northcoast Audio) sold Maggies back in the 1980’s, it was Wendell that sold them.

Anyway, I finally was able to get a chance to talk to Wendell briefly and let him know that I really wanted to bring them in here at Northcoast Audio.

Eureka? Really? The one in California?

You see, most of the small independent audio specialty shops that sell Magnepan, or any other high end line for that matter, are located in major metropolitan areas. As you know. I'm not. But I do have a great clientele that loves quality sound and we all love living in our little piece of paradise here behind the redwood curtain.

It took a little bit of convincing, as we both knew I wasn’t gonna shatter any sales records here in our little part of the country. But eventually Wendell agreed, and a few months later, we were thrilled to bring in our first pair of 1.7s. An equally impressive speaker in it’s own right and arguably the best reviewed speaker in the industry right now.

Fast forward to today.

We’ve joyfully spent hours upon hours breaking in our latest addition to our killer selection of home speakers, and the updated 3.7i.

I'm quite proud to demonstrate the new Magnepan “Magneplanar 3.7i” loudspeakers here in my little hi-fi shop, custom made by the genuinely nice folks in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA.

The Magnepan 3.7i are now available to order in black or silver aluminum, traditional oak or cherry trim. Fabric is available in dark gray, off white and black. They are typically hand made to order and often require a bit of time.

I invite you to listen to the Maggies at what I call

“the smallest, friendliest Magnepan dealer in America”

If you would like to hear what the fuss is about, please give me a call and I'm always happy to set that up. Otherwise just drop in and say hi if I'm here. Any excuse to play the Maggies is good enough for me.

I also try to keep on display the smaller and even more affordable MG .7 (the "point seven") the LRS, and the MG 1.7i.

Currently, we demonstrate the Maggies with amplification from NAD Masters, Parasound Halo, McIntosh, Musical Fidelity, Rega and another great American made product: Rogue Audio

Want to see how they sound with your existing equipment?

Bring in your current amplifier and try them with your gear.

Cheers, Chris


Magnepan's website

On Display at Northcoast Audio

We currently demonstrate the Magnepan loudspeakers with amplification from Parasound, Rega, Rogue Audio, McIntosh, Musical Fidelity, NAD Masters, Technics and more. We are also happy to special order any product from the Magnepan catalog.

Northcoast Audio is an Authorized Magnepan dealer...

and a huge, huge fan of the maggies.

**pricing updated 12/1/21**

LRS $750 / pr

MG 0.7 $1795 / pr

MG 1.7i $2,795 /pr

MG 3.7i $7995 / pr

MG 20.7 $17995 / pr

MG 30.7 $37,995 / pr


Mini System $1895

MC1 $1150

MMG-W $495

MMG-C $475

CC5 $1450

CCR $3850

CC-Stand $2450

DWM $995


Prices may vary for special/custom finishes / bases

and/or special handling including crate fee.

Northcoast Audio is proud to be an authorized dealer for many of the best names in home audio speakers today, Including Danish made loudspeakers from Dali and Dynaudio, The famous KEF speakers from the UK, Velodyne Subwoofers, The world renown American Made Magnepan Magneplanar speakers as well as local favorites Polk Audio and Boston Acoustics.

Northcoast Audio proud to represent Magnepan as an Authorized Magnepan dealer. Eureka, CA

Located at 5th & C streets in Eureka, CA - Northcoast Audio invites you to come audition the best speakers in Humboldt County including the Magnepan LRS, the Magnepan 1.7i , the 0.7, Magnepan 3.7i magneplanar loudspeakers

Where can I hear Magnepan speakers? RIght here at Northcoast Audio.

Northcoast Audio serves clients in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Buy local - support your local independant audio specialist!

updated 12/1/21

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