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Canton, founded in 1972, is the largest loudspeaker manufacturer in Germany, and among the largest in Europe.

Nearly half a century after its start, Canton is still under the ownership of the founding family. This continuity of ownership and control has created a culture of planning and building for the future and making delivering quality, value and long term customer satisfaction the absolute highest priority.

As one of the world’s largest loudspeaker manufacturers, Canton has substantial economies of scale and is a world leader in loudspeaker research and development. Thus Canton loudspeakers deliver outstanding sonic performance and superlative build quality at a value proposition that smaller companies simply cannot match.

Canton offers a broad range of loudspeakers across five category ranges. No matter what the budget, room, decor, or application, there’s a Canton model that’s just perfect for you.


Why we love CANTON at Northcoast Audio

• incredibly clean, crisp, detailed sound

• immaculate German/European build quality and precision at all price points

• huge range of models and options

• Manufactured in Germany & Czech Republic


Canton is Back! And Northcoast Audio is proud to demonstrate CANTON speakers in our showrooms.

Northcoast Audio is a factory authorized Canton speakers dealer


Gloss black / white / cherry

Reference 1K Black or White $29995

Reference 2K Black $19995

Reference 3K Black $13995

Reference 5k Black or White $9995

Reference 5K Cherry $10995

Reference 7KBlack or White $6995

Reference 7K Cherry $7995

Reference 50K center black $2495

Reference Sub K $3995



Vento 100 Black or White $6495

Vento 100 Natural Walnut $6995

Vento 90 Black or White $5295

Vento 90 Natural Walnut $5795

Vento 80 Black or White $4395

Vento 80 Natural Walnut $4695

Vento 836.2 Black $2195

Vento 20 Black $1695

Vento 20 Walnut $1795

Vento 10 on wall $1395-1595

Vento SUB 12 Black $2495-$2695

Vento AR 8 Atmos $1495 - $1595

Vento 50 Center$1495-$1595


CANTON In ceiling

In-ceiling 885 $739

In ceiling 969 $795

Smart Vento

Smart Vento 9 $6495

Smart Vento 3 $3395

Smart Sub 12 $1595

Smart Amp 5.1 $1595

Smart Connect 5.1 $1245

*GLE 496.2 Makassar $1695

CANTON speaker stands

LS860 $695

LS660 $495


prices and availability subject to change

other models, colors, finishes and options may be available by special order

*clearance on display

Visit the CANTON website for more information

Northcoast Audio is proud to be your California

CANTON is BACK! We are proud to carry one of the best selections of audio gear on the west coast including

CANTON hi-fi and home theater speakers. Eurpoean made, precision loudspeakers

Northcoast Audio is an Authorized dealer for CANTON speakers

Northcoast Audio serves Canton customers in California and Southern Oregon

Prices subject to change - see store for details and current pricing.

Visit our Showrooms at 5th and C Downtown Eureka, CA (707)444-8700

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